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Updated: 04 September 2011


Best Preserved Vehicle

This year it was presented to the Silver Star 10.

Congratulations to the Silver Star 10 Group of Eastleigh 



Left to Right - Julia Carter, Cllr Chris Carter (Mayor), Geoff Norris, Ian Norris, Matt Kitchin

As well as the society's prize for the best preserved vehicle which was won this year by Geoff and Ian Norris with their Silver Star coach, a new award was offered. On the day of the rally, the Mayor and Mayorees of Gosport were so impressed by the event that he offered a new award for the vehicle which travelled the longest distance to be at Stokes Bay. This Gosport Borough plaque has been awarded to David Cocking of Baildon in Essex who brought his Mercedes Benz N116 on a journey of 120 miles to the Rally.

Congratulations to both sets of winners from the Rally Team! 

KPA 369P B578 LPE 488 KOT MOR 581 L711 ALJ
Alder Vally 218 Alder Valley 1510 Aldershot & District 488 Aldershot & District 541 Black Velvet
23 ACD SUI 9653 TKZ 9791 L100 BJT XLZ 3105
Brighton Corporation 23 Brijan Tours 53 Brijan Tours 91 Brijan Tours 100 Brijan Tours 105
JHZ 6109 D696 ETP IUI 5036 IIL 4317 AFM 103G
Brijan Tours 109 Brijan Tours 9003 C & C Historic Clevedon Motorways Crosville CRG103
ETP 61W 7017 HK OUC 45R YN06 CGU P176 NAK
Eassons Eastern National 331 Emsworth & District First Greyhound 23321 First Hants & Dorset 20418
LT52 WVO P572 EFL S680 SNG N466 ETR N602 EBP
First Hants & Dorset 32251 First Hants & Dorset 34072 First Hants & Dorset 42780 First Hants & Dorset 45366 First Hants & Dorset 47302
W806 PAF YN54 NZO W364 EOW T34 JCV FUT 240V
First Hants & Dorset 53006 First Hants & Dorset 65016 First Hants & Dorset 66164 First Hants & Dorset 42234 First Leicester 90257
C869 DYD GLJ 681N F3 BBC 595 LCG JJD 396D
First Southern National 307 Hants & Dorset 3645 Ingles Coaches King Alfred 595 London Central RML2396
VLT 254 USK 625 448 UXS A12 HLC A17 HLC
London Transport RM254 London Transport RM980 London Transport RM848 Lucketts Travel 7401 Lucketts Travel 7402
V143 LGC RHA 919G UWV 623S BBK 236B ECG 112K
Lucketts Travel 7403 Midland Red 5919 Mortons Portsmouth 236 Provincial 12
HOR 413L EHO 228 WFX 257S NLP 389V MMR 552
Provincial 13 Provincial 55 Provincial 76 Provincial 432 Silver Star 10
KOW 910F BUF 122C JWV 275W UUF 116J MUF 488
Southampton 402 Southdown 122 Southdown 275 Southdonw 516 Southdown 649
RUF 186 759 MDV KDL 202W GFY 406 GNU 568N
Southdown 786 Southern National 1410 Southern Vectis 202 Southport 106 Trent 421
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Sites with Stokes Bay 2011 rally pictures

James May

David Heath

The Southerner

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