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Last updated: 31 July 2017

  Archive/Photograph of the Month  

During the Society’s recent exhibition on Gosport’s Buses & Trams in Gosport Gallery, a number of visitors kindly contacted the Society to provide their recollections of Provincial and other bus operators in the Borough, or to donate artefacts to the Society’s archive.  Amongst the latter was the subject of this month’s feature – a photograph generously donated to the Society by John Jordan showing a line-up of char-a-bancs and early motor buses operated by Harvey Tutt and his sons Harvey Frank and Arthur.

Originally from Wiltshire, Harvey Tutt was an operator of horse-drawn brakes and omnibuses in Gosport prior to the Great War.  His brake ‘Pride of Gosport’ was used to compete with Hubert Smith for passengers to Warsash, a popular venue during the early part of the 20th century thanks to its crab teas.  After the war, Tutt was one of a small number of independent operators to build up a fleet of motor vehicles (trading under the name ENTERPRISE MOTOR SERVICE) and the photograph shown here shows that fleet in the early 1920s.  The vehicles are (from left to right): three char-a-bancs – Thornycroft HO 5918, AEC HO 2599 and Daimler LR 8007; two saloons – Thornycroft HO 5917 and Dennis HO 6008; and two double-deckers – AEC FX 4431 and Thornycroft HO 5772.  As the various slip-boards indicate, Tutt operated services to Hardway & Elson, Fareham and Warsash.  He also had a route to Bishop’s Waltham and it was this, along with the Warsash route, that saw Tutt compete with his much-larger rivals Hants & Dorset and Southdown.  The competition did not last long and Tutt duly sold out to Hants & Dorset in July 1924.  His service from Gosport to Bishop’s Waltham, later extended by Hants & Dorset to Winchester and subsequently cut-back to Fareham, continues to operate to this day as Stagecoach route 69.

The photograph shows the ENTERPRISE fleet lined up in Clarence Square in Gosport for the annual inspection of omnibuses – a mandatory requirement in the Spring of each year prior to the issuing of licences by the Council.  Based on the vehicles present and those that are missing, the photograph can be dated to around 1922.                 

As always, any members (or non-members) with similar items that they would like to donate to the Society are requested to make contact using the following e-mail address: ProvSocArchive@gmail.com

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  First Hampshire & Dorset vehicle movement and news  

See below for delivery status of new vehicles


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On 10 February, 2017 the latest re-branded former Eclipse Volvo B7RLE poses in the yard at Empress Road depot just before leaving for its new home in Weymouth. Only one remains to be re-branded now and it is planned that one - no. 69554 - will be joining the others soon. Photo: John Sherwin



ADL E200MMC (Eclipse)

Fleet Number Reg No Status
67172 YX66 WBJ In Service
67173 YX66 WBL In Service
67174 YX66 WBM In Service
67175 YX66 WBN  In Service
67176 YX66 WBO In Service
67177 YX66 WBP In Service
67178 YX66 WBT In Service
67179 YX66 WBU In Service
67180 YX66 WBV In Service
67181 YX66 WBW In Service
67182 YX66 WBY In Service
67183 YX66 WBZ In Service
67184 YX66 WCA In Service
67185 YX66 WCC In Service
67186 YX66 WCD In Service
67187 YX66 WCE In Service
67188 YX66 WCG In Service

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