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Last updated: 30 November 2017

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  For the December feature, I have decided to focus on some recently-acquired items for the Society's archive. During the Summer, we were contacted by Paul Baker, a Maidstone & District enthusiast who kindly gave the Society the opportunity to acquire a small collection of Provincial items that were surplus to his requirements. They comprised five ticket machines and two destination blinds, all dating from H Orme White's time as Manager and Engineer. The collection was acquired in early September and has now been transferred to the Society's archive.

The ticket machines are all of the TIM (Ticket Issuing Machines) variety and came to us in their sturdy brown cases. One of the five is a native Provincial/G&FOC machine (No. 140), whilst the remainder are P-series machines acquired by Provincial from Southdown (Nos. P26/P58/P100/P113). Provincial introduced TIM machines in 1940, replacing the punch tickets that had been in use by the company since the tramway era (although it is worth noting that some varieties of punch ticket were to remain in use for special and multi-journey fares, in parallel with the TIMs, for many years to come). In the 1950s, Provincial acquired a number of redundant TIM machines from Southdown (the latter having converted to Setright Speed machines) and it is possible to identify tickets issued by these machines from the letter 'P' that appears before the machine's serial number. P-series machines were also used by Hants & Sussex Motor Services. Although Provincial replaced the vast majority of its TIM machines (with Almex Model A machines) between 1967 and 1970, a number were retained for the crew-operated double-deckers that lasted until 1975. One of the TIM machines acquired by the Society is identified as the garage spare and is in prime condition, having presumably seen relatively little use during its working life.

The two destination blinds are of the type that will be familiar to passengers from the 1950s and 60s. Both are in good condition, attached to their rollers and are complete with fixings. Amongst the many familiar destinations are more obscure examples such as Nobes Close and Copse Lane, both in Rowner and indicative of the way in which Provincial's routes evolved during the post-war period in response to the growth of new housing developments.

As always, any members (or non-members) with similar items that they would like to donate to the Society are requested to make contact using the following e-mail address:
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This picture was taken by John Sherwin at Portchester on 24 October 2015 and shows 55 as it was then. 9 October 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of the Guy's arrival at Hoeford. Unfortunately, it is not roadworthy at the moment, but we hope that we can take it for a commemorative ride around the area soon.



ADL E200MMC (Eclipse)

Fleet Number Reg No Status
67172 YX66 WBJ In Service
67173 YX66 WBL In Service
67174 YX66 WBM In Service
67175 YX66 WBN  In Service
67176 YX66 WBO In Service
67177 YX66 WBP In Service
67178 YX66 WBT In Service
67179 YX66 WBU In Service
67180 YX66 WBV In Service
67181 YX66 WBW In Service
67182 YX66 WBY In Service
67183 YX66 WBZ In Service
67184 YX66 WCA In Service
67185 YX66 WCC In Service
67186 YX66 WCD In Service
67187 YX66 WCE In Service
67188 YX66 WCG In Service

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