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Last updated: 30 June 2018

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  For several years, the Provincial Society has been invited to provide a free feeder service from the car park on the base at H.M.S. Sultan in Gosport to the summer show on an adjacent field. As the distance is too far for young legs and many of the elderly, a frequent bus service operates between 10.00 and 18.00hrs on both days of the weekend event. Also, for many years, the Society has worked in close partnership with First Hampshire & Dorset who provide a new low floor single decker for the occasion. This means that there are two buses running at any given time with a third heritage bus operating between 12.00 and 15.30hrs to give the other drivers a well-earned lunch break. This year, the event was held on 16/17 June and on Saturday, the Society’s ACE Cougar was joined by ADL Enviro200 no. 67176 (YX66 WBO) with Terry Lawson’s former Provincial Bristol RELLG6 no. 12 (ECG 112K) on lunchtime relief. For Sunday, the same Eclipse ADL made an appearance with Terry’s RE while Gerry Tormey brought his former Western National no. 1224 Bristol SUL4A for the lunch period.

Although the weather was cloudy and chilly at times, we carried some record loadings with 1,248 on Saturday and 1,482 on Sunday giving us a grand total of 2,730 passengers taken on a free ride to the show. As it was a special occasion, the value of digital destination blind settings came into effect, as can be seen in this image, with a unique set of words which is quite a tongue twister if you try to say it quickly! We are grateful to all of the heritage bus owners who gave up their time as well as to FH&D who provided the same bus and driver on both days. Full loadings were quite common at peak times and everyone seemed very appreciative, especially at the end of the show when legs were very tired in some cases!
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First Provincial 432 - NLP 389V in Stubbington recreating the 72 to Southampton

14 June 18 (Malcolm Audsley)


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