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Last updated: 01 May 2017

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This month, we feature one of the Provincial Society’s vehicles for a change. With a Wadham Stringer Portsdown B41F body on an ACE Cougar chassis, it is unique. New in 1990, this bus entered service with People’s Provincial with fleet number 3. Later it was given fleet numbers 333 and 600. It transferred to First Hampshire to become fleet number 800 in April 1999 and remained in red and cream until it was withdrawn in 2003. At that time, it was suggested to the bus company that it ought to be preserved in a museum because of its uniqueness. This was agreed and a few weeks later to our surprise, it was donated to the Provincial Society! This photograph was taken by Bob Gray at Hoeford garage on 16 September 1995.

During the period of the current exhibition of ‘Gosport’s Buses and Trams’ being held at The Gallery near the Discovery Centre in Gosport, there will be a range of buses on static display in Lawrence Square on some Saturdays. In addition, as an extension to the indoor exhibition, there will be free circular rides around the town which are bookable on the day in The Gallery. The Cougar will be playing its part in these rides on 10 June and 8 July. It is hoped to have Leyland National Mk II (1), Bristol RELL (12) and Guy Arabs (55) and (57) attending on some occasions as well. The exhibition runs from 6 May to 8 July 2017.

  Gosport Buses and Trams  
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See below for delivery status of new vehicles


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On 10 February, 2017 the latest re-branded former Eclipse Volvo B7RLE poses in the yard at Empress Road depot just before leaving for its new home in Weymouth. Only one remains to be re-branded now and it is planned that one - no. 69554 - will be joining the others soon. Photo: John Sherwin



ADL E200MMC (Eclipse)

Fleet Number Reg No Status
67172 YX66 WBJ In Service
67173 YX66 WBL In Service
67174 YX66 WBM In Service
67175 YX66 WBN  In Service
67176 YX66 WBO In Service
67177 YX66 WBP In Service
67178 YX66 WBT In Service
67179 YX66 WBU In Service
67180 YX66 WBV In Service
67181 YX66 WBW In Service
67182 YX66 WBY In Service
67183 YX66 WBZ In Service
67184 YX66 WCA In Service
67185 YX66 WCC In Service
67186 YX66 WCD In Service
67187 YX66 WCE In Service
67188 YX66 WCG In Service

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