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Last updated: 21 January 2017

  From time to time, we sell out of an item. The printer will reprint a minimum of six more copies of a particular book. Therefore, if a book is out of print at the time of your order, we will notify you and keep you name on our list. When sufficient orders have been received, a reprint will be requested and your order completed. We apologise for any disappointment caused.

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  Cougar V Dart

In this DVD, two significant buses operated by the Company are shown in detail. The unique ACE Cougar and the Dennis Dart. The Wadham Stringer bodied Cougar is unique. First registered in 1990, the bus ran with People’s Provincial and First. When withdrawn from service in 2003, the bus was donated to the Provincial Society. In this DVD, it is seen in service and on its journey from the yard at Portswood to its new home with the Society as well as on one of the Society’s outings.
The other bus featured is the prolific Dennis Dart SLF with Plaxton Pointer bodywork. This type first appeared in service locally in 1997. The Society outing on 6 September 2015 makes use of one of the few remaining Darts at the time and travels over the current X9 route to Denmead and over the former 17/18 circuit in Portsmouth.

Approx 76 mins DVD-R format Produced by Independent Transport Videos

£15 + p&p


Portsmouth Buses 2015 DVD

Just released, this new DVD from Independent Transport Videos shows the Portsmouth scene in the summer of 2015 with plenty of views of the newer members of the fleets of Stagecoach and First buses operating in the City. Various locations within Portsmouth are visited to show the variety of vehicles including the 'Star' branded Streetlites and Park & Ride liveried double deckers of First. Most of Stagecoach buses are route branded as well. There are a few glimpses of the past when video extracts from 1990 reveal Leyland Nationals and Bristol VRs in the City. The DVD runs for 66 minutes approximately.

£16.00 + p&p  


Provincial Fleet List: 1929 - 1969 (Provincial Paper No 1)

Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Company and Provincial Traction Company

A comprehensive list complied by Stewart Brett

This A5 format booklet with 40 pages of text and black and white photographs is the result of years of research by the author who is a member of the Provincial Society. For the enthusiast who wants to know the details about each vehicle, this is ideal. The fleet number, registration number, chassis no, bodywork, seating and dates of arrival and disposal are some the the regular features for every bus and coach during this period. In addition, Stewart has included special reference to any special feature or alteration to the vehicle. His studies are based on company and tax records. The book is set out in chronological order for ease of research. Published in 2004. Reprinted in Dec. 2011

£6.50 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society


Portsmouth Street Tramways  1870 -1929 (Provincial Paper No 2)

A comprehensive list compiled by Stewart Brett

This A5 format booklet with 42 pages of text and black and white photographs is the result of many years of research by the author who wrote Provincial Paper No. 1 as well. There is a brief history of The Portsmouth Street Tramways with details of acquisitions each year from 1870. Chapter 3 provides the background to the Gosport Street Tramways with details of trams from 1882 while the later chapters are rich in the history of the Motor Fleets of the Tramways Company from 1908 until 1929.

This book is laid out chronologically for ease of reference.  Published 2014

£6.50 + p&p     Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  Hoeford Hundred (Provincial Paper No 3)

A Centenary of Hoeford Garage 1905 - 2005

Published by the Provincial Society in December 2005 to coincide with the centenary year of the Hoeford garage as a continuous transport depot since 1905. Fully glossy booklet in A5 format with 23 pages including 13 colour and 25 black and white photographs with information captions together with a background history. Many photographs have not been published before.

£3.00 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  People's Provincial (Provincial Paper No 4)

A Celebration of the Twentieth Anniversary of People's Provincial

Launch of a new book to celebrate the 20th year since the formation of People's Provincial in 1987. Another in the Provincial Papers series in A5 format with some unusual facts and pictures showing the history of the company during the period.

£5.00 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  Fareham Arch (Provincial Paper No 5)

The Story of the Notorious Blackspot

Fareham Arch by Fred York. The book is the usual A5 format with 32 well illustrated pages telling the story of the replacement of the notorious Fareham Arch.

£5.00 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  Buses cannot smile! (Provincial Paper No 6)

Fred York's photographic biography

Another in the Provincial Papers series, this A5 book tells the story of Fred York's photograph biography form his early days in Birmingham to the operations of Gosport & Fareham Omnibus Company. Fred is a well known member of the society. What may not be so well known is his wide ranging hobby of photographing buses in Singapore, Malta and UK over several decades. Bearing in mind the demand for Fred's atmospheric photographs, a careful selection has been incorporated to show his own biography from trams in the Midlands to the unique Deutz double deckers in Gosport and Fareham.

£6.50 & p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  Provincial's RELLS (Provincial Paper No 7)

by Terry Lawson

Continuing in the series of Provincial Papers, this A5 book concentrates on the Bristol RELLs used by Provincial. There is a mixture of 36 black & white and colour photographs illustrating the story behind the vehicle type, familiar around the streets of Gosport & Fareham in the 1970s and 1980s. Within the book, which is the author's personal account of the RELLs, is a comprehensive history of the seventeen which were part of the Provincial fleet

£5.00 & p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  Strangers in Town 1: Express Coaches (Provincial Paper No 8)

By Fred York

Another in the Provincial Papers series by Fred York, this A5 book illustrates the days of south coach express coaches using the A27 through Fareham between 1957 and 1984. There are 34 pages with 57 large black and white photographs taken by the author.

£6.50 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society


  Strangers in Town 2: Non - PSVs (Provincial Paper No 9)

By Fred York

This A5 book is the second in the series written by Fred York for The Provincial Society. It shows the former service buses used by contractors, mobile shops and factories as well as buses converted into vans around Fareham between 1958 and 1976. There are 34 pages with 59 black and white photographs from Fred's vast collection

£6.50 + p&p   Exclusive to The Provincial Society

  Provincial's Nationals (Provincial Paper No 10)

By Richard Arthur and John Sherwin

This A5 book celebrates the Leyland National years at Hoeford from 1972 to 2004 with a final chapter telling the story of known survivors. The first chapter sets the background with an explanation of the genesis of the Leyland National. Each subsequent illustrated chapter provides detail of how the fleet grew to a time when the majority of single deckers were new or second hand Nationals. There are 33 pages with 37 pictures, mostly colour, with comprehensive captions.

£6.50 & p&p   Exclusive to The Provincial Society

  Air-cooled Diesel Triumph (Provincial Paper No 11)

This A5 book, written by Ray Tull, explores the background to the infamous air-cooled Deutz buses used by Provincial between 1957 and 1972. There are 34 pages with a mixture of black & white and colour photographs to support the text. There is ample information about the development of the innovative vehicles pioneered by H. Orme White as well as individual vehicle profiles.

£6.50 + p&p     Exclusive to The Provincial Society


Strangers in town 3: Buses and coaches (Provincial Paper No 12)

This A5 book is the third in the series written by Fred York for the Provincial Society. The contents reveal some of the buses and coaches in various guises seen around Fareham between 1962 and 1989. There are 35 pages with 61 black and white photographs taken from the author’s vast collection.

£6.50 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society 

  Provincial passing pubs: Pubs along the way between 1962 and 1991 (Provincial Paper No 13)

Another in the series of A5 papers written by leading transport author, Fred York, for the Society. The paper is in A5 format with thirty-four pages devoted to fifty-two black and white pictures of Provincial buses passing by local pubs in the Gosport and Fareham areas mostly. Pubs have always played an important part as timing points or as a terminus for routes. It is a reminder of some of the missing landmarks as many of the pubs have been demolished in recent times. It is a fascinating collection of pictures which serve to jog our memories of what parts of the area were like between 1962 and 1991. Take a photographic pub crawl now!

£6.50 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  Provincial in Grimsby (Provincial Paper No 14)

This A5 book, filled with sixty two pages of text and black and white photographs, is the result of many years of research by the main author, Stewart Brett. The majority of the photos have never been published before. Although specifically about the tramway operations in Grimsby, there is reference to Gosport when vehicles were transferred. A comprehensive study which contains information about the horse trams of Great Grimsby Street Tramways from 1881 and the electric trams and motor vehicles from 1901. The fleet history of the motor vehicle fleet of Provincial Tramways Co Ltd from 1907 onwards is featured. In addition, the service and haulage fleets are documented. All detail appears in chronological sequence for clarity.

£6.50 + p&p    Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  People's Provincial Fleet History (Provincial Publication No 1)

This well researched and illustrated Provincial Publication will be the next A4 book to be release in this series. It covers all the details of each bus which appeared in the People's Provincial fleet from the beginnings to the end of operations. Carefully researched by a team of society members - Roy Jetten, Stephen Didymus and Mal Saltmarsh - this will be a comprehensive record of all that is known today. Excellent photographs illustrate each vehicle type and each bus has a complete record from its acquisition to its withdrawal from the fleet plus subsequent ownership where known. It has taken many years to compile and the authors would like to publish it as part of the Provincial range. There are over one hundred pages of interesting facts which have been double checked by Robert Smith who keeps prolific records of all local bus operators.

£12.00 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  First & Last - A history of Reading & Co Ltd, Coachbuilders in Portsmouth (Provincial Publication No 2)

Provincial Publication No 2 is written by David Whitaker is now available from our shop. This softback A4 book contains a mixture 118 black and white and colour pictures and illustrations in 67 pages telling the story of the company from its early beginnings until it ceased trading. Of particular interest to road vehicle enthusiasts, this well-researched comprehensive book includes full details of trucks, vans, buses as well as ambulances with specific features on the Channel Islands., Portsmouth and Provincial buses. The title of the book is derived from the company's long association with the latter group. Reading built its first ever double deck bus for Provincial and the final bus to leave the factory was destined for them as well. Memories from family and workers at Reading & Co Ltd. enrich the fascinating history of the south coast manufacturing company.

£10.00 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  Bus Rapid Transit (Provincial Publication No 3)

Bus Rapid Transit by Fred York tells the story of the transport links on the Gosport and Fareham peninsula since 1841. It is an A4 format with a mixture of 52 black & white and colour pictures and illustrations in 60 pages revealing the background to the BRT from the first concept of using the former railway line for a tram to the eventual arrival of BRT in April 2012. In addition, there are background details of the trams in their heyday and the railway line when in operation. For enthusiasts and residents alike, this well-researched book by a local authoritative transport historian will provide fascinating reading into the changing needs of the peninsula over the parts two centuries

£10.00 + p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society


Fleet history 1970-1987 (Provincial Publication No 4)

This well-researched A4 book by Chris Richardsen with over 125 pages of facts and photographs completes the published fleet history of Provincial from 1870 to 1995. Well-illustrated throughout, this book contains details of each bus from acquisition to withdrawal with additional notes about changes of livery and conversions where appropriate.


£15.00 & p&p   Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  A different shade of green (Provincial Publication No 5)

To mark the centenary of Hants & Dorset in 2016, Fred York has chosen a sample of photographs from his collection to show H&D around Gosport and Fareham between 1957 and 1979. Personal recollections as well as a hundred black and white pictures complete the whole album in 58 pages (A4 format). At one time, H&D and Provincial were the main operators on the Gosport peninsula.


£10.00 & p&p    Exclusive to the Provincial Society

  Provincial DVD No 1 (Independent Transport Video)

The first of a planned series provides a sample of Provincial on the road in service and in preservation. This video shows preserved Leyland National Mk 1: SBK 740s in red and cream livery on its temporary return from Scotland. There is a feature of the two preserved Leyland National Mk2s A301/2 KJT in an evening tour around Gosport. The modern scene is filmed as well with some additional shots of the final Bristol VR, LWU 471V during the last months of service from Hoeford depot.

Available in DVD format. Filmed in 2003 and 2004

Approximate running time: 88 minutes (approx)

Produced by Independent Transport Videos specially for The Provincial Society

£16.00 + p&p (Special rate for society members: £15.00 + p&p)

  Provincial DVD No 2 (Independent Transport Video)

The first highlight is a journey on board preserved A.E.C. Regal, No.24 (CG 9607) on it’s way to the Showbus 2004 rally.  Enjoy the splendour of some excellent driving through scenic country roads following fleetmate –  No.35 (BOR 767).  The return journey is on board No.35 which is a pre-war  A.E.C. Regent 1 that carries it’s original Park Royal body containing period features such as a clock and passenger notices from a bygone era.  We then look back at No.35 shortly after restoration on cine film shot some 30 years ago!

We then move onto the Provincial Society’s annual bus rally at Stokes Bay, Gosport.  This provides an insight into the activities at one of the south's larger bus rallies.  During the rally we sample the ‘road run’ and also take a ride on board preserved Provincial Bristol RE No.12 (ECG 112K) as it runs around it’s old haunts on a trip to Gosport bus station before returning to the rally site.

In an independent transport videos exclusive we take a visit to the Provincial Society’s successful ‘All aboard for Provvie’s Past’ exhibition that was held in Fareham. Here you can see the lesser seen parts of the Company’s past, focusing upon everything from trams to tickets!

Finally we round off with a trip on board  Provincial  Guy Arab 1  No.55 (EHO 228) around Fareham in connection with the exhibition.  At the end of it’s journey we see 55 being parked up in her home depot of Hoeford, capturing her in classic surroundings.

Available in DVD format. Filmed in 2004 & 2005

Approximate running time: 84 minutes (approx)

Produced by Independent Transport Videos specially for The Provincial Society

£16.00 + p&p (Special rate for society members: £15.00 + p&p)

  Provincial DVD No 3 - Now & Then (Independent Transport Video)

In the third of our series of video programmes for the ‘Provincial Society’ independent transport videos  take a look at the bus scene in Fareham during March 2007 and compare it with scenes shot in March 1987.  We are fortunate to have exclusively obtained early video footage from local bus enthusiast and well known photographer, Bob Gray.  Bob took his camera out for a weekend in March 1987 and recorded plenty of action for us to enjoy.  This included a visiting Routemaster, Leyland Nationals in both NBC and post deregulation liveries, new minibuses and the first glimpse of the new ‘People’s Provincial’ livery on Leyland National 35 (LTP 635R).  In March 2007 our cameraman revisited most of the locations that Bob used 20 years earlier.

We start with a visit to the site of the former Fareham bus station on West Street before turning to look at the current operation in the new bus station.  From there we look at Market Quay roundabout and then continue to Hartlands Road.  Twenty years ago Bob made a behind the scenes visit to Hoeford Depot where we see many buses that have long since disappeared from the streets of Fareham.

Continuing our Now & Then theme we come up with a real exclusive! Former Gosport & Fareham 36 (HAA 771E) the last remaining Guy-Duetz with Reading H56R body was tracked down to California U.S.A. by well known ‘Provincial’ bus preservationist, David Whitaker.  David made a visit to America to travel on her and whilst there he captured her on video for us

Available in DVD format. Filmed in 1987 and 2007

Approximate running time: 67 minutes (approx)

Produced by Independent Transport Videos specially for The Provincial Society

£16.00 + p&p (Special rate for society members: £15.00 + p&p)


Eclipse - Gosport-Fareham BRT DVD

The first part of this programme reveals the actual running of the Eclipse buses on the first day of operation – 22 April 2012 - featuring brand new gleaming purple Volvo B7RLE single deckers. The cameras returned to Fareham in July 2012 to see the Volvos in action again as the ‘Bus Rapid Transit’ system became part of the daily routine in the local bus network.
In the second part of the film, the cameras returned three years later showing the buses in operation at various places along the E1 and E2 bus routes as well as chances to ride inside them. There is even a glimpse of what the railway line looked like in 2009 with tracks still in place at Gregson Avenue with a ‘then and now’ comparison.
In 2015, the Eclipse runs every six minutes during the weekday busy times and the services have become an important integrated part of the local pattern of bus travel. This is well illustrated in the DVD with film taken at Fareham and Gosport.
Filmed by Independent Transport Videos in 2012 and 2015, it has a running time of approximately 71 minutes. It is in ‘Wide Screen’ format.


£16.00 + p&p    Exclusive to the Provincial Society

Note there is a special rate for Provincial Society members – for details please refer to the Members’ area


  Provincial Society Binder

Binders for 12 copies of 'Provincial Press' or any other A5 Provincial booklet.

£6.50 + p&p

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